I was not in a celebration with my buddies while playing

I was not in a celebration with my buddies while playing


I like Online myleague. Super underrated aspect of NBA 2K. My hate is that they should put more focus on myleague that is online. Incorporate All star weekend more easy to advance through offseason. Used to play myleague for 2K21 MT hours together with my brother but today he moved and it is not by myself as enjoyable. Now the only reason why I play with NBA 2K is because I have like 7 buddies that hop online for rec or even pro-am. Offline the gameplay is a number of the finest in the show, on line (which the most played modes are) NBA 2K is absolutely terrible and I'd hate every single second of it if I was not in a celebration with my buddies while playing.

What would y’all like in Next Gen my livelihood

I would love branching storylines that allow every person to have a different unique story so my notion of the story is you are a ranked high school player playing a nationally recognized prep school(could be real such as IMG or Montverde or a generic one) and they could let us play with the high school national semi finals and championship(it'll help you determine your next step). Here is where place is taken in by the arcs that are different. You are ready to create your choice. Choose such as Brandon Jennings, lamelo and many others have done, to go and play for 2K or a overseas team in a league that is true can create up it. Only play like 3-5 matches to get draft inventory.

If y’all keep up with high school hoops Jalen Green, and Isaiah Todd is going that route and 3-5 games in the play. Of course you're going to be a one and done at either a true faculty powerhouses(Michigan, Kansas, UCLA(termed those since they was in preceding 2Ks)) or generic colleges which 2K provides with every school providing something that rewards you(example. one may provide more national exposure so your stock could be improved tremendously or you also may not have that much exposure but have a coaching staff and team that can help you skill wise for your league).

Now I stated the high school games would help since state if you played bad the school and G-league course might not be the best option because just schools you might only have the ability to select is lower tier where you might not be a real one and done(not saying one can't go those paths but overseas might be better). You currently in the draft process and the draft combine approaches regardless of what your inventory is you are going to have the option to either participate in all drills and scrimmage and team interviews, just drills and interviews or only the interviews(mind you perform bad in Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins drills and scrimmage may hurt your inventory ) in case you a top 3 pick I'll just do team interviews.