There should also be a rec room which allows players to play because we play

There should also be a rec room which allows players to play because we play


Fix the shield!! 2k20 is by far the worst transition defense in the franchise! Your cpu controlled teammates run around like chickens with their heads cut off In NBA 2K21 MT Coins case the cpu compels the ball in transition. They start posting up ghost opponents while they watch the ballhandler and pops simply sail on by for uncontested buckets. They are always creating mismatches by indicating the man. It is maddening. Included in fixing defense is the odds of winning following poking the ball free shed balls and blocking shots. You are able to play perfect defense then block a shot/ create a loose balljust to have it go straight to a wide opponent as though the trainer wrote it on a chalkboard. Those balls are so frustrating. The greater the player you poke the ball off (if you're even able to because they're invincible for a reason - Tre Young looking at you) the more impossible it's to find that loose ball. I'll poke it free and they regain and run me around to get an open 3 or push the street.

I have been advocating for a while; mycareer manners were connected by Online. You may play with your 5. On precisely the same group you could have issues and problems such as who gets the maximum vc who receives more endorsements more fan likes etc, and earn a chemistry meter to get that so that with more assists and getting men open or touches or points will bring this up or down. My profession on the internet: I've been dying in the rec. There were pros and cons, Because Xbox did the gamepass of 2k. The con that is the worst is that the influx of 65 ovr tryna play in the rec. To this end I expect to visit a color based lobby. 65-75 or bronze level players play each other in one lobby and gamers over 75 aren't permitted to enter 75-85 or silver and so on and so forth until we don't have a lot of guys who are elite mobbing n00bs and don't rush into attempt hards and expert level players at the intermediate level.

There should also be a rec room which allows players to play because we play. Meaning like a standard pickup gym. You don't understand who. A large issue I have had when not playing buddies is"random" player(s) men who ballhog or call unnecessary timeouts when items ain't going their way. There should be a penalty system for amounts of one after another in a span of 5seconds at the first 3 quarters. 'Missed' open participant ought to be a minus in your notifications bar like"find" open participant is. Myteam: trade cards. That is all. At least bronze and silvers.

I think we ought to have two my careers. One is the special life of Kobe(with I guess his wife permission and all cash or some could go to their charity). We mirror every match, each triumph, losses, shaq beef, we practice such as Buy 2K21 MT regular to unlock exceptional things(idk) we perform all 20 seasons up until he retires and we could play with his last address.