I really do wonder exactly what the community thinks of its qualities and osrs

I really do wonder exactly what the community thinks of its qualities and osrs


As silly as it is, I wanted to see if I could link my connection with osrs to addictive relationships in any other ways, so I googled"addictions" just for RS gold fun. Perhaps another indication that I was addicted was that I set in"osrs" without believing before the word"dependence", and this popped up. I wouldn't call it"toxic", but I am wondering just how much this community does to keep people addicted to RuneScape without knowing or understanding or taking it.

Therefore, considering all this, I really do wonder exactly what the community thinks of its qualities and osrs. Does the individual is depended on by dependence? Is RuneScape accountable? Do you consider yourself addicted? Would the community at large believe RuneScape addictive? And, what I'm most interested in, will this opinion get any attention at all, or will this article be downvoted and dismissed? I resonate with the link you've posted and this comment. I continued for a couple of decades and played back in 2004 when I was 11. And about a year ago I was habituated to OSRS by Settled's Swampletics videos. I have been playing off and on since then and created a brand new ironman account.

I've been sucked back into RuneScape just as awful as I had been when I was a kid. I find myself needing to devote all of my free time playing, and even when I'm not playing I'm thinking about it. Worse is that with the current outbreak I have been working from home, and that I find myself enjoying during working hours, that is always causing my performance to suffer. I know that being a part of RuneScape again is having detrimental impacts on my life and well-being, but I feel the exact same itch to keep playing. That's how I know it's an addiction, at least for me personally. I really do believe that the person is depended upon by addiction. I am actually a individual who has tendencies, and that I know others like me, but I also know loads of people who can medium themselves just fine and have no issues with dependence.

That having been said, RuneScape definitely preys like myself on those with addictive tendencies. I totally feel that Jagex is aware of the addictive qualities of RuneScape and engineers it to be just so. That is no different than many other products and games on the market. OSRS is basically a dressed up version of the experiment in which the rats were allowed to pull a lever for brain stimulation. It is extremely simple. Not necessarily easy, but easy. The reason I say that is because of the immense amount of time required to progress as you get into RuneScape. I know that there is a skill component to RuneScape once you get to certain endgame content, but really your accomplishments and levels in RuneScape just rely on how much time you put in to it.

You can perform the same activity to get a skill from level 1 all the way to level 99 Even though it would take an incredibly long time. At the same time that you would then become a master of that ability in accordance with your level in RuneScape, you wouldn't have heard anything or enhanced your skills. I believe that's what makes RuneScape so attractive, and it was touched on by your Urban Dictionary definition also. The path is right and clear-cut all it takes is the time. Click a button on your mouse tens of cheap RuneScape gold thousands if not millions of times and you'll be a master adventurer/chef/farmer/whatever. Clearly real life is more complex than that, so why bother? By clicking a mouse, I can achieve greatness.