Even by making affix fodders you can easily make millions a day

Even by making affix fodders you can easily make millions a day


Premium gives marginally stronger effects for some drinks compared to non-premium - such as a extra increase compared to the with no premium. It may also be said that paying up for scratches to get ability add capsules rather than buying off them Phantasy Star Online 2 player shops, or doing ordinary scrapes then selling all the PSO2AH stuff to buy add caps/augment fodder is sort of P2W... however, with the fortify transfer system that the JP version just obtained, which basically means that you can shop any augment as long as it is possible to afford anything other Phantasy Star Online 2 player are inquiring, and grinding meseta is not too bad... and I guess there is also that, you can do the meseta weeklies per character, and making beyond 3 personalities is paid articles, so technically it's possible to receive more free easy meseta weekly if you compensate for more characters. That all makes it sound bad, but to be honest none of it super things in the long run, you really don't have to invest up too much.

I suppose a number of this is known as p2w. Yes u sell for meseta for what you need and immediately can cover scratches. However, has a flow of meseta from enjoying content. And like each game with gear that is sellable, studying the Phantasy Star Online 2 participant shops is hands down the best way to generate meseta. Can make so much quickly simple meseta (countless millions a week) if you understand how to affix and know what sort of gear people are looking for. Even by making affix fodders you can easily make millions a day. It is not sell for Meseta and input CC number.

If someone wishes to run thru their bank account for immediate meseta and encourage Phantasy Star Online 2 so it doesn't die off, that's good. Others can take level and some time to pursuit chars for decent meseta thats great. Others like me wish to find out affixing and observe the Phantasy Star Online 2 player shops, and also make meseta that is great also. I guess some believe it"P2W" in the potential for getting ingame currency from spending IRL money. But even then, theres enough strategies to make meseta in sport that if your smart with it, and spend enough time doing it, they will not have any advantage over you in the conclusion of the day.

I'm just trying to think the way he thinks... even if I think he is nuts. But according to him, some of those endgame affixing (or even the items you use to reduce affixing rates) is tied to AC/SG scratches. And if you can't afford to pay with money you have to spend a ridiculous amount of Meseta for items that are said. I wish I could convince him to get about the Reddit and argue his case. I would like to find out if his arguments would hold water. I believe he's full of BS. But I play with Phantasy Star Online 2 casually.

What I'm referring to is Weapon Affixing, which (IMO) is not necessary at the moment, but it accessible in NA. (I don't know if it's called"Weapon Affixing" in NA.) Weapon Affixing is changing your Weapon and Armor's additional abilities. In other RPGs, weapons can have extra attributes which make them stronger. That's a thing in PSO2 and via affixing, you can control what additional features your weapon has. But a cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta few of the materials/resources needed for Weapon Affixing are significantly easier to undergo AC/SG scratches opposed to getting them in match. Some items can only be gotten through individuals who get them throughout the scratches and then sell them on the Phantasy Star Online 2 player market for everybody to get.