He's so god damn fast and a godly dunker also apparently

He's so god damn fast and a godly dunker also apparently


It's the reason behind the huge VC implementation, high priced items at the playground and additional heavy marketing of MyTeam aka Casino Royale. And they make you shill the fuck out of Gatorade and Beats from the NBA 2K21 MT press conferences and advertisements lol. Great. Disrespect and I'll snatch your ankles in my Grill Daddies. Only thing missing is Eric Bledsoe sitting Gods throne because he is god now. That's crazy that you had precisely the exact same experience he was the sole player in the entire thing which was making constant jump shots . Great defense also.

He's so god damn fast and a godly dunker also apparently. Haha great one but how do you access the dribble tutorial? On PS4 click on the pad and it is going to give you choices to various tutorials. Honestly this demo was the worst in the previous five decades. Facts, a Ben Simmons type build was enjoyable for me . I left a big man who can't shoot for shit but is mad on finishing and defense and it was a lot of fun. I believe I will just not take this past year lol.

That's What I have been doing in 2k21

I think part of it's to do with all the new stick function trigger I sued to use it for only dunking but now it goes to layup timings. I feel like they've left no assigned dunk bundles on the my players so that they simply never go for them. I dropped stepped from the article into a standing dunk, but as a centre.

For whatever reason, our MyPlayers don't have contact cartoons outfitted, regardless of ratings. Gotta be a heavy boy ig. The demo needs to be on HoF because I've never seen numerous air balls in one game in my entire life. Literally not possible to get or shoot around defenders.

Yo I actually dig the shooting, and I would say I've been a fairly below typical shooter in the previous 2Ks. This one I drilled nearly all of my open corner 3s. I had been the best at shooting that I've ever been in 2k20, but today after taking a rest for a while idk if I suck in 2k21 or just suck at shooting . I was seeking this comment hahaha people we calling him Wilt Chamberlain. They not fumble that bag on Buy 2K21 MT following gen.