Wow I can actually tolerate the tune in Madden NFL

Wow I can actually tolerate the tune in Madden NFL


When they had them through 7, loved and you would play with the drills to get attribute points for the Madden NFL players. Me and my friends would play franchise and I could gold celebrity the CB drill each time and they'd trade me a late or mid round pick to Madden nfl 20 coins take action lol. You can get like 7 points to add to something or blamed it was rampant! So fun, so much better than the present bullshit improvement system. From playing great and people got great. Nothing like eventually getting enough points to add electricity to your kicker (after getting best kicker award for a couple of years and years of winning and heaps of created kicks) and you get 1 consciousness lmao.

In a great deal of ways, I favor the exercises which exist. This movie shows a drill in which precision departure is crucial, but there's no defense. The drill does nothing to tell you that of those three routes would be the best read on any given play. In fact, you could argue it reinforces certain cheesy components by telling Madden NFL players one route is simple and the other is challenging, so they'll prevent the harder ones.The present training program, in contrast, informs Madden NFL players exactly what every kind of course was made to do, as it must become your read, along with other important information, then gives repetitions against guards playing a specific way. That is a great deal more valuable overall, IMO.

Ideally, I'd like to see variations of both in Madden NFL. It's been about 20 years since I attended a football practice, but we'd exercises vs. live defense and drills vs. partial defense and drills. no defense. If Madden included versions of all of that, with a concentration on enhancing play recognition, teaching on various offensive/defensive philosophies, and coaching Madden NFL participant control skills, that could be ideal.

Wow I can actually tolerate the tune in Madden NFL. Just a bunch of dumb Gen Z's title dropping football shit with garbage beats. I mean who actually gives a fuck about migos? Twelve year olds that's who... Really wish EA would realize that not only 12 year old fortnite buttholes play Madden NFL. Give me GnR and a bit additional Ozzy. Allow me to hear you scream is, and always will be the Madden song. I really don't recall which one it was on but I recall loading Madden NFL up and hearing that song and getting pumped to go struck stick someone into next Tuesday. Since Madden 15 I been disabling EA Trax to stop my ears. I am a btw not a Boomer, I have good taste. Contrary to the rest of my generation and those after us. That is my rant thanks for listening fuck EA.

What Madden has been reduced to cheap Mut 20 coins