Wow there is no true crash in the marketplace this weekend

Wow there is no true crash in the marketplace this weekend


I have not been able to log in to myteam daily. I started trying at 7 am to collect my wheel spin and it gave me an error when I tried to input myteam and nothing has changed in 11 hours. Those of you just be glad you can log in. I live on utilize charter spectrum and the west coat and every other game/device works amazing. This wheel is going to 2K21 MT squeak louder and louder until this matter is fixed it's on 2K end.I just copped opal tmac with a contract on Xbox to get 395, today I'm doubting myself just like I should have waited a little longer to see if he dropped more. I guess it is too late.

Can there be a way to tell just how much you really spent on a card once you've had it for awhile. After winning a card in the auction house and you have had it for awhile and can't remember how much you spent on the card. Like to see whether you are likely to have a hit when you should re-sell it, or make out. I have switched over from FIFA ultimate group. Conquer EA and FIFA are money appetite, pay to play and not rewarding in any way. When 2K/myteam seems a lot more rewarding even for single player individuals. I had the original question cause FIFA ultimate group has that attribute. It will state that or if you bought it via auction it will say that as well as for how much, if you pull on a card.

I simply lost 5 games of TTO. Most of these wete long games. I did get routed a couple of times. Then the two Im winning the pause timer and by 10 looks. In both matches. Come on guy why are people so toxic, it is a game.If the timer appears you need to allow it to go all down the down and you'll get the W so hit Continue one time then the next time you ought to have the ability to stop and get the win.I know to last but jt just bothers me thst people are like this.Why twice? I really don't play a good deal of TTO so that this hasn't occurred to me earlier.

I found the reverse. If I don't take it right away and wait for an extra cycle I get the L.Maybe it depends on what system. But on ps4 you wait 2x and in over 15 situations I've always gotten the win. Once I got hauled out of 5 balls 1 time I have not even risked not performing it twice so I can't speak for just quitting I play it safe and simply do it twice.My players aren't occasion responding to me attempting to pass now, like wtf, why would they put someone they know is faking na overload the TTO servers such as this rather than prep. Also tf are some of you greening shots always with this? Just played with a man who greened lmao.

Wow there is no true crash in the marketplace this weekend. For the last month we've been getting at least besides PD Yao although a depreciation in value every weekend there is no extreme effect on the auction house. Usually I just think folks are complaining but very few people actually bought packs. Surprising.I will not get 12-0. I always lose against men who offball and possess a way badder team then mine. I get a Buy NBA 2K21 MT fade away 3 from Howard and reach a shot...It's my first year on 2K so I'm not the 2K player.